Getting useful feedback on your sermons

What a sensible idea! Ask six responsible people to give you feedback for a period of 3 months. So ask a mature believer, a church leader, a new convert, an enquirer, a young person and an old person to give you feedback. Include men and women. And give them questions to answer. They will probably enjoy it, and benefit from doing it, and you will certainly benefit from it! Getting thoughtful and responsible feedback can also be a welcome relief!

Here is a simple feedback form you could [adapt and] use.

Sermon feedback form

Name of person giving feedback. _________________

Single sermon on _____ on / / .

Feedback on sermon series on ____ from / / to / / .

  • What did you learn or re-relearn from the Bible?
  • Did the sermon/series connect with your life?
  • Did you understand the sermon/series?
  • Did you listen to the sermon[s] from beginning to end?
  • What was the purpose of the sermon/series?
  • What were the results of the sermon/series in your life?
  • Did the presentation of the sermon/series help the sermon?
  • Did you discuss the sermon/series with anyone else?
  • Did the sermon/series train you in your own Bible reading and understanding?
  • Did the sermon/series train you in your ministry to other people?
  • Was the sermon/series applied to the life of the church?
  • Do you think the preacher believed and lived the message?
  • What useful feedback do you have for the preacher[s]?

Peter Adam May 2022