Peter Adam’s Praise and Prayer Letter (May 2023)

May-June 2023


I am currently praising God for:

  • My conversion to Christ in June 1963. I praise God for Harrie Scott Simmons’ personal ministry, and especially that he then met with me once a week for 3 years to disciple me. What a generous investment!
  • I went home and told my father that I had become a Christian, He said ‘You will grow out of it’. Praise God I haven’t! In fact, I have grown into it, and I trust God and love God more than ever.
  • Soon after I was converted, I went to see the Headmaster of my school, to hand over a number of keys to school buildings which I had borrowed and had copied. I told him I had become a Christian, so was returning what I had stolen. He was nonplussed, and just said, ‘Thank you very much’! I am so thankful that God prodded me to do that.
  • I praise God that he has held me by the scruff of my neck on many occasions when I could well have fallen away.
  • I praise God for all who have prayed, for me, encouraged and supported me, and for those who continue to do so, as I praise him for encouragement of every persevering gospel fellow-worker.
  • I praise God for every opportunity for the privilege of public and personal ministry.
  • I praise God for forgiveness of sins, eternal life, peace with God, and resurrection hope in Christ Jesus.

Prayers please:

Sermons and talks


  • Preaching at Joan Shilton’s funeral on May 5th [Joan was the wife of Jack Shilton. I was his Curate at St James’ Ivanhoe 1970-71].
  • Speaking at Training Session for Leaders of St Jude’s Unichurch, May 6th.
  • Lectures on preaching at Ridley each Tuesday in May.
  • Prayer Training Groups and Preaching Training Groups.
  • Work with 2 Research students.
  • Preaching three times at Ridley Chapel, 16th, 23rd, 30th.


  • Prayer Training Groups and Preaching Training Groups.
  • Taking a workshop on Prayer at the Melbourne Diocese Clergy Conference.

Mentoring, advising, and praying for ministers.

Health and welfare. All OK at present. Recent tests showed no evidence of cancer. I had my dog Bertie euthanased as he was ill. I handed him back to God, with thanks for the joy he had given me.

A current prayer:

Gracious God, Father, Son and Spirit; may I stand in your grace, live in your love, grow in your wisdom, walk in your ways, and serve in your strength, and all for your glory. Amen

Thank you so much for your fellowship in prayer.