Peter Adam’s Praise and Prayer Letter (September 2023)

September-October 2023


I am currently praising God:

  • In his mercy he accepts my daily offering of my body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to him. I offer him all that I am and all the work I will do, all that I will think and hear and speak and do, and he accepts this offering every day through the cleansing and sanctifying blood of Christ. How amazing!
  • For Leon Morris, and all that I learnt from him during my time at Ridley in the 1960s, and from his many books. Christ’s cross, and God’s word, the Bible: what essential priorities in life and ministry!
  • For all the saints whose lives have, encouraged, enriched, and challenged me, whose friendships have encouraged and supported me, and whose prayers have sustained me.

Praise our gracious God!!!

Prayers please:

Sermons and talks


  • 3rd and 10th, Sermons at Caroline Springs.
  • 5th, Morning Devotion at Reformed Theological College.
  • 17th, Sermon at City on a Hill Melbourne on ‘the family’ in Proverbs, morning and evening.


  • 11th, Talk at CrossCultures Round Table on sin.
  • 21st, 2 Talks at CMS Mentac, on prayer.
  • 22nd, Sermons on raising up gospel workers at All Saint’s Greensborough morning and evening.

Prayer Training Groups, and Preaching Training Groups.

Mentoring, advising, and praying for ministers.

Writing on The inspiration of Scripture.

Please pray that I would live a life worthy of the Lord, and please him in every way [Colossians 1:10].

Thank you so much for your fellowship in prayer.