Peter Adam’s Praise and Prayer Letter

July-August 2023


I am currently praising God for:

  • God! I love and trust him more than ever, and as I look at contemporary alternatives to knowing and trusting God through Jesus Christ, they look less and less attractive, and more and destructive and futile.
  • St Jude’s. I love my church!
  • All the saints whose lives have encouraged, challenged and enriched me. These include people I have met, and those I have read about or heard about, and those whose writings have encouraged me: especially recently catching up with gospel fellow-workers at the Melbourne Diocese Clergy conference [praise God for them all] ; and reading books by Theodore Beza [Calvin’s successor], Heinrich Bullinger [Reformer], and Bishop Handley Moule, [first Principal of Ridley Hall Cambridge, then Bishop of Durham].
  • All that I am currently learning about praying from the preparation I am doing for the Prayer Training Sessions, and from discussions and ideas from those in the sessions. An inspiration and a great encouragement!
  • The opportunity to teach introductory preaching at Ridley in first semester.

Prayers please:

  1. Sermons and talks


  • 1 Prayer Training Group and 5 Preaching Training Groups.
  • 9th, preaching at City on a Hill, Melbourne.
  • 16th, preaching at Church of All Nations, Carlton.
  • 19th, speaking on prayer at Ministry Training Scheme training day in Sydney.
  • 20th, speaking at The Gospel Coalition event in Melbourne.


  • 5 Prayer Training Groups, and 4 Preaching Training Groups.
  1. Mentoring, advising, and praying for ministers.
  2. Writing projects.
  • The inspiration of Scripture.
  • Prayer.

A current prayer:

Gracious God, Father, Son and Spirit; may I stand in your grace, live in your love, grow in your wisdom, walk in your ways, and serve in your strength, for your glory. Amen

Thank you so much for your fellowship in prayer.